Monday, June 15, 2009

cédric rivrain

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One month ago (more or less) i discovered this fantastic illustrator from paris, at tfs (the fashion spot) and i thought it can't be real, his draws were all 
i just was waiting, they transmit me a lot of feelings, they inspire ghost-like because the way they are made, and i like it,
their simplicity and their textures are making they very special.

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Cédric always draw models (like sasha pivovarova, lara stone, or other well known models) with the oufits they dressed at catwalks of the best fashion brands (like Balenciaga, Lanvin, Prada...).
And it doesn't surprise me that his draws have been plublised in a lot of magazines.
You can take delight watching the illustrations i have put here or visiting his web:

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i hope (promise) draw someday like this guy ;)